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RUSH; Kenya's Version Of Sex And The City To Premier Soon

Before getting into it the question is, are we ready for a Kenyan version of Sex and The City? RUSH a new Kenyan TV series is set to hit our screens soon, following the lives of four successful women as they go through the highs and lows of life.


The show takes us through the lives of Nana (Patricia Kihoro) as a 28 year old editor of Rush Magazine, Frida (Wendy Kimani) a 29 year old lawyer, Koko (Marrianne Nungo) a 30 year old housewife and Ayok (Scolly Cheruto) a 29 year old photographer. A 10 minute sneak peak into the show has already been released and you can watch it right here.

The beginning montage introducing the cast and narration feels a little bit rehearsed, but it does hold your attention as the viewer. The first bedroom scene with Patricia and the guy as well as the bedroom scene between Scolly Cheruto and Godfrey Odhiambo lacks the believability that you would expect. I mean for a show described as the Kenyan version of Sex and The City we expect a little bit of spice. The problem with being a singer and crossing over to acting is that you are judged more harshly and Wendy Kimani will have to go through this before she can be accepted as an actress. The scene that stands out is the scene with Marriane Nungo and Patricia, it has a naturalness about it with Marriane delivering a stellar performance.

The show is written by Natasha Likimani (remember her from slimpossible) and directed by Neill Schell who has been holding a string of well received acting workshops. The episodes are rumored to have cost Ksh. 1.5 million each (about $19,000)  and cosmetic company L'Oreal is one of the show's sponsors. It's a great start, because let's face it we need something new on our screens rather than the attention grabbing shows we have (which lose the initial spark t after a few episodes). Knowing that Kenyan DOP's rarely get the attribution they deserve, kudos to the show's co-producer Bryan Kyallo Msafiri who was also the DOP.

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