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A Visit to Cafe Deli on Moi Avenue

Apart from Galitos, the Highlands restaurants and the out-of-price range for most people Hilton Hotel; there are a few options of establishments offering a decent meal along Moi Avenue. We visited Cafe Deli, formerly Coffee World, just across from Galitos, on Moi Avenue and this was our experience.

Cafe Deli, waiter serves patrons.
Cafe Deli waiter serves patrons.

The ambience reels you in; with eye-catching boxed lampshades hanging from the ceiling against the backdrop of concentric circles in silver and red lining up the wall to the right. Café Deli has that somewhat homely feel, precisely what you need from a coffee shop. The left wall displays large framed pictures of some of the establishment’s offerings and information about their catering services. They also have power outlets lining up the wall to the right, making it an ideal place to charge up any electronics you have with you. They offer free WiFi access to their patrons, with pretty decent speeds.
Concentric rings in silver and red decorate a wall in Cafe Deli.
Concentric rings in silver and red decorate a wall in Cafe Deli.

Their menu comprises of an ample selection of meals and refreshments, although in our opinion it is not the place for anyone looking for a hearty ‘Kenyan-style meal’ (heaped plates of food with). Although there are selections of filling meals to choose from including beef, fish and chicken dishes which are accompanied with salads, fries, rice or chapati.  Their menu also offers selections of burgers and sandwiches. The sandwiches, particularly their Tramezini, are a must try as well as their selections of toasted and cold sandwiches. Their cakes are also worth mentioning, their white forest being what initially drew us to the establishment 5 years ago. Service is swift and the waiters are friendly.  We have to give a special mention to Peter who was based at this Café Deli but moved to their extension, the former Green Corner near Kencom, for always making you feel right at home.

Cake display at the entrance of Cafe Deli attracts some onlookers who occasionally as the guard about pricing.
The cake display at the entrance of Cafe Deli attracts some onlookers who occasionally as the guard about pricing.

There were minimal shortcomings we could identify, but they are still worth noting. The place could do with some sprucing up, apart from switching the position of the cake display to the front entrance nothing much has changed over the past 5 years that we have visited the establishment. The seats also could be better; they are an assortment of typical seat and arched seat designs encased in dark silver and dark brown leather. Although you are almost immediately offered a menu when you arrive; service can take a while to come through from taking your order to actually bringing your meal. During the day seating is never a problem, but from 4.30 pm going into rush hour it can be difficult to get seating. This is the same case with their extension near Kencom.

All in all, we give them a 4.5 out of 5 rating and a thumbs up for being one of the ideal coffee shops in town to grab a bite over lunch or a cup of coffee while waiting out the evening traffic.

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